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Hi, I’m a full stack FRONT END DESIGNER & DEVELOPER, with a passion for building applications that actively engage users in responsive thought.




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I’m Shawn Sandy a FULL STACK UI/UX DESIGNER & WEB DEVELOPER, with a passion for building applications that can actively engage users in responsive thought. Enhancing the customer experience and improving product conversion outcomes.

I started my career as a graphic designer then quickly moved into web, UI/UX design and interactive media technologies like Adobe flash, actionscript. Gradually I transitioned into integrating my UI/Designs into applications like WordPress (php), Magento, Shopify (ruby on rails) Javascript, .NET etc. For the last three years I worked fulltime as a Front End Developer designing and developing applications for workforce teams in Florida.

Currently I work as a freelancer by day and I spend my nights working on the completion of several Laravel packages that I have written-- Jarvis a simple UI toolkit for quickly building web, mobile and desktop applications user interfaces. I’m also working on the research, design and development of progressive web apps (PWA’s) that leverage technologies like vue.js react and angular to deliver an enhanced learning environment for kids with autism.

One of the most important lessons I learned at an early stage in my career was that design must FUNCTION. Purpose must exceed aesthetics. It is the foundation of good design. I believe the same stands true in the development process, so no matter what the technology - HTML, CSS, PHP, RUBY, .NET, Javascript(ES6)/Angular etc. My role as both designer and developer is to create products that put function first.

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